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So Let’s discuss what actually mineral makeup is, and why its best in its purest form. The best mineral makeup is free from balms, talcs, all artificially manufactured ingredients, dyes, fillers, chemicals and preservatives. Natural mineral makeup are rocks from the earth that are ground into minerals.

Mineral makeup products contain materials such as, titanium dioxide which is a natural sunscreen and also gives skin a more natural luminous look that helps cover imperfections, zinc oxide which is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, mica which adds a natural glow to your skin and iron oxide which for the smoothness of your skin.

But if your choosing not to use the natural products that’s ok, because we’re here to learn to make mineral makeup. All kinds of mineral makeup so whichever you choose will be totally up to you. As I learn to make mineral makeup from its purest and natural forms, I’ll be passing this information on to my readers.

Is Mineral MakeUp A Good Option For Me?

So heres what I know, Mineral makeup felt very light on my face and didn’t feel heavy at all. Also, many of my friends as well as my sisters use mineral makeup because of how it feels on the skin. And most believe it is better for your skin. If you want to look more natural and refined than mineral makeup will be the best thing for you.

Mineral makeup as well helps to keep your skin pours from becoming clogged, which is what most other makeup can do to your skin. Finding traditional makeup that does not contain all the fillers and talcs can be a headache to those who just want more natural ingredients on their skin.

Most mineral makeup is good for your skin, they are hypoallergenic and good for all skin types. They also give your face a more natural look without the cakeness of multiple layers of makeup. Mineral makeup also acts as a barrier between your skin and the harsh radicals while still letting your skin breathe.

The Real Benefits of Using Mineral Makeup!

Mineral makeup is very safe for your skin and body since for the most if you’re using natural products, they have no perfumes, or chemicals so it adheres to your oily skin better. Because mineral makeup is good for your skin, if you have procedures such as a chemical peel or have allergies or gluten sensitivities it will not hurt the skin.

Most mineral makeup does not have a certain shelf life because the ingredients a natural and do not harbor that bad bacteria. And as a rule of thumb make sure you use new brushes, so you don’t put your used brushes from old makeup into your new mineral makeup which can cause an influx of bad bacteria.

Mineral makeup is also versatile because you can create your own different look and pigments blend very naturally. You can also use mineral makeup products such as blush, bronzers, mascara and lip glosses as well a host of mineral makeup products you can use.

The Ingredients In Traditional Makeup.

First Its all the toxic substances in traditional makeup that can sometimes irritate the skin, and not just that its just bad for our skin its bad for our bodies. Here are just some bad ingredients, Parabens, ethylparaben, isobutylparabens, methylparaben, and many others these toxins are in traditional makeup to prevent yeast but is toxic to our bodies.

Many women and Men have no idea what they are using and how poisonous some of these ingredients are. They have no idea that these materials are poison and can cause cancer in women and may interfere with reproductive functions in men.

There are just too may reasons to try to use and make your own natural mineral makeup products. If not for the main reason but to just make your life as natural as possible as well as to spend less money. As well as not tested on animals’ which is amazing.

What Is Real Mineral Makeup?

While many mineral makeup companies say their products are real mineral makeup or natural, please beware because its not true. The truth is as long as it has Some minerals in that makeup it can be called mineral makeup even if most of it is not mineral makeup.

You have to look at the ingredients to see if preservatives and dyes and other harmful chemicals are in them. When you look for makeup do not be consumed by the word natural, because that does not always mean its safe. As some ingredients have not been tested accurately and can be very harmful to humans.

So make sure when shopping to purchase your ingredients, make sure to check the ingredients so you know what you’re purchasing and that its products that are not harmful to your body. You will want to find ingredients that are not artificially manufactured.

All The Benefits.

The benefits are endless, especially when you make your own mineral makeup. Environmentally you’re using the real natural ingredients which is excellent for the earth and not tested on animals’ means it will not harm anything.

For your own health reasons treat your skin as a sensitive organ. Remember that our skin is an organ and we should treat it that way because what ever we put on our skin is absorbed by the skin. Which means using harmful chemicals that will be absorbed by the skin is absorbed by our bodies and can be harmful.

And most of all the beauty of mineral makeup is the number one reason why people tend to use mineral makeup. And when you make your own mineral makeup the benefits are endless. The main reason is again to get rid of those harmful chemicals that are in main traditional makeup ingredients. Then another reason is to keep your skin natural looking and healthy because by not using that traditional makeup you will see a healthy change to your skin that will benefit you for years to come.

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