So what is the difference between loosed powder and pressed powder? Loose powder for instance will usually come in a jar or a tube and you would be able to blow it around.

Pressed powder is usually pressed into a small compact. You would need to actually try both to figure out which one works for you, because everyone skin is different it would only seem normal to try out both for a good sense of what works for you. The real only difference between them is loose powder is finely milled.

But because loose powder is finer it contains less oil than pressed powder and so its best for oily skin and if you want a sheer look. For better coverage of the loose powder it is better to use fluffier brush that will cover your skin better and provide a better cover.

Pressed Powder

Pressed powders are for women who want a little more precision or wider shade ranges. also, pressed powder is for those who want a more natural look with a more precise look. Pressed powders are will come in a compact and contain ingredients to turn the product into a semi-solid.

This is usually called setting powder, it usually goes on your face once you have already used your foundation to get rid of the shine so your makeup stays on longer and your makeup stays set in place. You can also get your pressed powder tinted or translucent to match your skin.

So pressed powders are good if your want your makeup to last longer and stay in place and also help stave off sweating and the heat, a more pressed powder is something that you should use.

Loose Powder

Loose powder is the makeup you wear if your looking to achieve a luminous, silkier texture and an even finish and often works better than setting powders to achieve a more finished look. The coverage of loose powders is light and your more likely to find mineral makeup that is in loose makeup than pressed powders.

How do you even use loose powders? Well a powder brush or powder puff are the brushes you will need to apply the loose powder on wherever your applying it. Put some loose powder on brush or your makeup puff, than dip your brush into the loose powder and than start applying the makeup to the center of your face.

Then sweep the rest all over your face, than buff the product and use the excess powder for the edges of your face. But no matter what you choose to make sure you try both out to to make sure you know what’s right for you. loose powder

Using Pressed Powder as Foundation

Pressed powder can also be used as a foundation because it can provide a more exact controllable coverage and is easier to apply if your new to press powder and foundation. While loose powder helps seal the moist consistently of foundation and will make it last longer. It also prevents makeup transfer and runoff that someone may experience in the middle of the day.

For people whom have extremely oily skin or whom sweat heavy or often should use loose powder because it helps control oily skin and keep the face free from any kind of oil or shine. Its best to remember that loose powder usually is not used on its own.

Remember loose powder is used after foundation has already been applied. Its important to realize that if you don’t know or understand that you should always try different foundations as well, because not all foundations and concealers work with every kind of loose powder or pressed powder so try a couple of different foundation with your loose powder or pressed powder to see what works better for your skin.

The Difference between setting powder and Finishing Powder

Some people may prefer to use setting powder versus the loose powder because people with oily skin or sweat and or use liquid foundation often may want to use the loose powder. Finishing powder is more translucent and can be made to match your skin color.

Finishing powder have more fine particles and lighter on the skin versus the pressed powder that can make your skin feel and look more cakey on the skin. If your not sure which works best you will need to try both to make a better assessment of what works better for your skin.

Remember setting powder should be used with your foundation because it helps hold your foundation in place and helps stop it from rubbing off your skin if you very oily skin or sweat heavy. Some people will use just use the setting powder instead of foundation because just using the setting powder your skin can look more sheer and natural.

Advantages of Using Pressed and Loose Powder

Understanding and knowing your skin makes a big difference in what you decide to use and how you decide to use it. And it is also important to know how your makeup should be used and applied. Example, finishing powders should be and designed to be applied after to be applied after your setting powder and all of your other makeup that way your makeup will fully set.

Makeup artist usually like to the finishing powder to it helps to make the skin look smoother while hiding your pores and fine lines. Its pretty much impossible to tell you what’s better for your skin because that is something that’s a personal choice as well as what is better and looks feel better your skin.

Your best bet is to use both and decide what you feel is best for you and your skin. Regardless of what you decide to use they both can provide you with the best look and you will good about yourself. Also understand that you do not have to wear these powders all the time, you will only need to use depending if you are taking pictures or just on a night out.

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