First lets discuss what mineral make is, Mineral Makeup is mostly made of natural minerals mined from the earth. Minerals such as iron oxide, mica, titanium dioxide, ultramarine and zinc oxide that are ground into fine particles to make powders and all kind of makeup.

And not only do they cover your skin well but especially people with skin pigmentation issues, but they also provide sun protection and also provide anti-inflammatory effects. Mineral makeup has been around for centuries because they used natural grounded minerals to apply to their face for war paints, decorations etc.

Many find they decide they want to use mineral makeup when they want to go green, or they want a more natural look and don’t want their makeup to look so heavy. Mineral makeup generally does not have the waxes, fragrances and emollient oils and preservative ingredients found in most other makeup. Preservatives and fragrances can cause irritation to the skin.

Why Mineral Makeup Was Created?

The first mineral makeup line was created by a woman named Diane Ranger, she was a cosmetics chemist who founded the Bare Escentuels line in 1976. She then later started another mineral line called Colorescience Pro. Diane created mineral lines of makeup because she felt there was a need for makeup that have natural ingredients that look and feel better on the skin.

Mineral makeup is used by everyday woman, celebrities, dermatologist and etc because it traditionally has more natural ingredients than regular makeup. Most of the ingredients are natural and reduces chances for irritation as well as keeping your pores unclogged, which is what can happen when regular thick makeup without natural products touch your face.

Mineral makeup at its best is all natural, created with natural products that don’t cause skin irritation or inflammation. Mineral makeup that is free from alcohol, talc and perfume and mineral oils is which is why Diane created mineral makeup in the first place, and in the four decades since she created bare escentuels many other mineral makeup companies have come about.

The Pros Of Using Mineral Makeup.

The benefits of using mineral makeup is mainly how safe the products are for your skin because those with sensitive skin and skin pigmentation issues as well as people with injuries, rosecea etc. Some ingredients are free from bacteria and don’t expire.

Effective and natural ingredients are free from harsh chemicals that cause skin irritation such as synthetics, fragrances, waxes, oils, gluten and parabens. Natural ingredients won’t clog your pores and will promote healthy skin. Most natural ingredients can be used on acne prone and sensitive skin. Fewer ingredients leads to less chance of irritation.

You can build your coverage from sheer to any shade you want, and long-lasting mixtures can bind to the oils of the skin and are water resistant. Mineral makeup also protects the skin by creating a barrier between the skin, elements and radicals. And by also offer the skin some sun protection.

The Cons Of Using Mineral Makeup.

Real and good mineral makeup can be harder to get and more expensive. Now because more people are buying it its easier to find, but be careful just because its advertised as mineral makeup it does not mean it is so buyer beware. Some mineral makeup may be advertised as mineral makeup but may have other ingredients that are not natural or added chemicals that may irritate the skin.

Mineral makeup does not have as many color options as the other makeup, because pure mineral makeup is free from dyes and coloring agents, so darker skin tones will require custom blends to make their skin color.

Some mineral makeup brands use Bismuth Oxychloride in their brand. Bismuth Oxychloride is a natural byproduct of copper and lead which is also a skin irritant. So you always have to check the ingredient list to make sure you’re getting all natural products which is why most people want to use mineral makeup in the first place, because its supposed to be natural and great for the skin.

Why Make Your Own Mineral Makeup?

There are countless reasons you should make your own mineral makeup but I’ll give you a couple of reasons, first you can customize your own skin colors and shades so you can create the exact colors you want. This is awesome for people who have dark or very pale skin tones.

Because your the one making and creating your own recipes, your the one in control of all the colors and the cost and finish of your own product. The joy and amazement of creating your own product, something you made, you created, and what better way than to hand craft your own products.

What an amazing way to show off your creative side and you also don’t have to limit yourself either, why not learn to make natural lipsticks, blushes all kind of makeup. You can mix and match your makeup to which ever style that works for you, you can truly experiment with your makeup.

The Bottom Line!

The bottom line is if you have dreamed your whole life of trying something new, stepping outside the box and making your own mineral makeup line why not? The reward you may have once you make that first batch of makeup may outsell any fear you have of trying something new.

It is a lot easier than most people think, most people believe you need tons of money to buy the ingredients needed to make your own mineral makeup. Once you decide what kind of mineral makeup you decide to make or any other makeup at all, you’ll want to decide what kinds of chemicals you want to use natural or synthetic. I personally myself will try to use as planet friendly materials as possible.

So lets just start somewhere and reap all of your own benefits. Learning how to make your own mineral makeup and customizing your own colors is not just rewarding, but will set you apart from everyone else just trying to sell mineral makeup. Selling your own mineral makeup line can be a very profitable business. You could turn your thoughts and passions into a business that is self-sufficient, and remember the beauty business is one of the biggest in the world.





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