Hi Welcome to Make your own mineral makeup. My passion has always been makeup since I was about 4 or 5 years old and my hope one day is that I’ve created my own brand of cosmetics, including lipsticks and even contour sets and the derm roller which I’ve just started using, and the facial roller which I’m now addicted to.

Let Me Tell You A Little About Me

My passion started as a little girl obsessed with putting makeup on my mother as well as my sisters, aunties, grandmother and my friends that would come over for play dates. I remember everyone would say id be a makeup artist in Hollywood and I would be so excited to show everyone what they looked like after ( like a before and after) picture with those old Polaroid cameras.

The best part which my mother still has a hard time forgiving me for is making such a mess with her makeup, my mother had tons of it lol. I’d mix all the colors together to create this perfect shade for whomever was in the what I called makeup chair. It was amazing and it was one of the most fulfilling times in my childhood.

Then tragedy struck and I lost my father and my family as I knew it and we moved from the only house I knew. We moved abruptly so she threw out lots of stuff including makeup, I remember her saying life is different now and we didn’t have room for all of that because we were moving to a very small house. Things did get better as the years went along we both accumulated a little makeup here and there but it just wasn’t the same and I was older, I just now have started over the past 3 or 4 years start to have my makeup passion again.

We Should Make Our Own Makeup Shade

I believe we should make our own makeup shades, why? because I remember having a friend with a skin pigmentation problem and Id have to mix makeup to get the perfect shade. I remember having friends with very sensitive as I do now who can’t just use anything on their face but mineral makeup.

Now we hear women everywhere using mineral makeup for their sensitive or if they just want more healthy skin and wear makeup that’s not so heavy on their skin. And women who have certain skin complexions shouldn’t have to spend an arm and leg to find a perfect fit if you could make it yourself.

My Goal Is To Help You And Myself

My hope is you decide to follow your dreams first and foremost because if I’d had I would have already created my own cosmetics brand and company. Also, takes the time to try to learn how fun and easy it can be to make your own makeup and how cost-efficient it can be.

Another hope is you learn how to make your mineral line of makeup that’s just perfect for you. A mineral makeup line that’s even perfect for someone else, you never know what happens if you open those doors. So if your as passionate about makeup as I am what’s the harm in trying something new.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Yolanda Isaacs


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